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As 90-95% of new forex traders lose money surrounded by the first 3-6 months this critique helps to guide new forex traders by asking 5 questions that the forex dealer needs to know prior to back-testing their forex system.

Let us jump right in. . .

1. What data type are you using (or going to use)?

I know this sounds strange, in particular if you have come across from an added advertise such as stocks as their commonly is only one type of data basis available. However, in the forex promote you can have up to 4 another data types: bid, ask, mid and indicative. Each have their own hardly nuances.

If you would like to know more about the data types then visit the condition on paper about the perils of indicative prices. As this will save me from having to recap the in sequence again and boring those who've by now read it.

So, if you know you have indicative prices then you know you're in for some good results! However, if you have any of the other three you need to be cautious on how stop and limit guidelines are placed.

As an example: If we had bid price description and we were looking to place a buy entry stop at 0830 EST according to the day's high, then we know that the bid price will not accurately consider what the genuine price of our order must be. You would have noticed that if you positioned a buy entry stop at the exact same price as that of the day's high you would have entered prematurely - you would have entered 4 or 5 pips already the high or the low of the day was touched (the exact same quantity as the apply your adviser offers!).

This leads me into the next most critical question. . .

2. What allotment is your agent donation on the currencies you are bask-testing?

You need to know this as this can help you set your slippage settings on each currency.

As our case in point in difficulty 1 incisive out. We found that our buy at the day's high logic did not just work as we bought at the BID PRICE high, not the ASK PRICE high - the price that we need when we place our order TO BUY.

Therefore, we enter in a slippage backdrop in lieu of the broaden that would be exhibited by this trade on this currency.

But calculating at what price to buy is only half the problem. . . how do we know what capacity to buy?

3. What margin does your dealer offer?

If we know at what price to buy our currency at we need to bring up to date our dealer on what amount to buy to comply with the order. We only know what amount to buy by the margin that the brokerage firm offers.

Most brokerage firms offer 100:1 leverage, however, some firms offer mini financial records with 200:1 leverage, others only 50:1 leverage.

Find out the margin required.

4. What restrictions does your insurance broker impose?

Now, I don't just mean margin and allot restrictions as I have mentioned above. These are chief in their own right, what you need to find out are the details.

This is almost certainly the most critical difficulty of all as the fine line amid hit and catastrophe can be found in the details. Now you can have this questioned by one of two ways: 1. You can find out by means of come across (generally the most exclusive way except done all through the demo account!); or 2. You ask your insurance broker (the cheapest and best way).

Why is this so important? I hear you ask. Well let's say you have a classification that trades any gaps that might form on Sunday at 1700 EST, but your adviser does not open until 1730 EST. You also need to feature this restriction in to your system, or move onto a new coordination completely. Or, you may have a classification that has 10 pip stops, but you find out that your agent will only let you place 15 pip stops from your first entry price. Once again you will need to alteration your classification to see whether it still performs well, or throw out your arrangement (or adjust your broker)!

In fact one of the most devastating restrictions forced by FXCM is that they do not acknowledge stop entry guidelines if price never happens to trade at your entry stop price! FXCM will honor and "take the loss" of your OPEN stop positions, but if the liquidity is not there and price has shot above-board all the way through your stop price then you will miss out. This can have disastrous personal property on your classification domino effect as you are left wondering on trades where you made good proceeds - "Would FXCM have got me in?". You may want to read of some of the quirks I use when introduction entry stop instructions on FXCM that could be of huge allowance to you to help you possibly get about this problem.

The restrictions by your adviser are only half your systems' success, you also need to find out about a further more central restriction. . . yourself. This leads me to the final point. . .

5. What restrictions do you have?

This is a crucially crucial question. Most citizens test their systems and fall in love with the domino effect but find when they trade their classification they have lost their bank account and that most of the best signals occurred while they were sound asleep!

As the forex promote is a 24 hour market, you need to put into place restrictions in your coordination that will be realisticly conducted by you at some stage in the choice of a average trading day. There is no use in service a trailing stop approach that changes your stop points at some stage in times when you are dead to the world and cannot maybe do so.

I hope this commentary has made you aware of some of the crucial effects that need to be known prior to taxing your system.

Article on paper by Ryan Sheehy from Currency Secrets. com. Where you will find reviews on forex data vendors, gesticulate providers, brokers, and all the rage forex resources, along with more characteristic articles. . . all for f*ree!


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